Frequently asked questions

If it would be more convenient for you, we can remind you when it is time to fill your prescription. We will send you an email to remind you to place your factor order. Email us at and let us know the start date and how often you would like to be reminded via email:
  • Once a month
  • Every two months
  • Every 3 month
  • Every six months
We take every effort to protect the privacy of our clients. We follow HIPAA guidelines and our own additional patient privacy policies to ensure information about our clients and their families is protected.
Contact us at 1-855-307-6880.
A specialty pharmacy fills prescriptions for certain medications that may be injected, infused or taken by mouth. Most of the time, these specialty drugs and administration supplies are not available at a local retail pharmacy. Because they often require special storage and handling, they need to be delivered quickly. CanyonCareRx sends your specialty medications to wherever you need them, whenever you need them.
We understand that managing a chronic condition requires personal attention from caring and knowledgeable professionals. Our pharmacist can counsel each patient or caregiver by telephone to explain the medication, its storage requirements, adverse effects, precautions, dosing and instructions for use. We will also work closely with your HTC, physician, and insurance case manager to coordinate services. Our CARE team will contact your designated caregiver prior to each new and refill shipment to arrange delivery, monitor therapy outcomes and encourage compliance. Additionally, we know that emergencies can happen. Our pharmacist team is available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you manage any critical aspects of your care.
We want you to enjoy your vacation! To help ease the complexity of travel, we can coordinate shipment of your prescriptions and supplies to anywhere in the United States. Contact us at 1-855-307-6880 or email us at to let us know where and when you want your shipment delivered.
We know that emergencies often happen when you least expect them. Our specialty-trained pharmacists are available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you manage any critical aspects of your care, regardless of the time of day when questions arise.
Your delivery will arrive within two days after CanyonCareRx confirms your order. You will also receive alerts when your order has left our facility, as well as when it has been delivered to the address you provided to us. We will deliver to your preferred location: home, office or clinic—whatever is most appropriate for administration. Orders may be placed by calling 1-855-307-6880, faxed to 602-850-6226 or emailed to Orders placed after 3:00pm will be processed the next business day. Next day and Saturday deliveries are also available. Clients are encouraged to keep a minimum of three doses of factor on hand.
We will work closely with your HTC, physician and insurance case manager to coordinate services.